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France, October 2015

  1. ‘Flood Management in Malaysia’ by Mohd Adnan Mohd Nor (Malaysia)
  2. ‘ENSO Based Climate Forecasting for Early impoundment of large reservoirs, Case Study: Karkheh dam in Iran’ by Dr. Kamran Emami (Iran)
  3. ‘An assess of Flood Vulnerability in Ntlhaveni Block D village, Malamulele northeast, Limpopo Province’ by Dr. Sylvester Mpandeli (South Africa) et al
  4. ‘The Effects of Culverts in Hydraulic Modeling for Flood Risk Mitigation’ by Arnaldo Pierleoni¬†
  5. ‘Utilization of Flood Prevention Function of Paddies as an Adaptive Counter-measure’ by Dr. Takao Masumoto (Japan)
  6. Adaptive Flood Management in Thailand: modification of reservoir operation rule curves’¬† by Dr. Arthon Suttigarn (Thailand)
  7. ‘Forecast Based flood Operations, folsom Reservoir in California’ by Dr. Maurice Roos (USA) and Report


  1. The course of flood management actıvıtıes ın Turkey (Ahmet ŞEREN, Turkey)
  2. Adaptive disaster management using flood prevention functions of paddies and irrigation/ drainage facilities in monsoon Asia (Masumoto T., Minakawa H., Kudo R., Yoshida T. and Horikawa N.- Japan)
  3. Infrastructures of flood management adapted to climate change : Experiences of Republic of Korea (Tai Cheol Kim, Korea)
  4. Mapping flood vulnerability of the agricultural sector in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa (Herman Booysen, South Africa)
  5. Lower loddon irrigators recovery package - Increasing resilience of farming communities on the floodplain (Department of Sustainability and Environment, Australia)
  6. Adaptive water management in the Netherlands (Marcel Marchand, Netherlands)
  7. About the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (Maurice Roos, USA)
  8. Thailand 2011 flood : A big lesson learned (VP Chaiwat Prechawit, Thailand)


  1. The Great East Japan Earthquake
  2. The Iranian New Criteria for Selection of Design Floods
  3. Flood Management in Iran - Country Report, Jabbar Vatanfada, Fariba Avarideh, and Maryam Samimi
  4. Value Engineering: An effective and efficient tool for sustainable Irrigated Agriculture, Kamran Emami
  5. Adaptive Flood Management, Kamran Emami


  1. Floods 2010 (PANCID - Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2010)
  2. ICID Position Paper on the Management of Riverine Flood Risk
  3. Draft position papers : (1) The relationship between flood parameters and inundations; (2) The relationship between floodparameters and damages; (3) Desired level of protection; and (4) Use of Hydrodynamic mathematical models for flood management

For review and comments from the Working Group Members.
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